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Offering a range of fitness sessions suitable to individuals of all abilities.

About Me

Amy Mullen

I am a trained professional dancer and whilst doing my own training I was very keen to maintain good health and fitness as dance discipline can be very challenging at times. I started my personal training journey 10 years ago as a side kick which helped me through my dance career and my personal path. I’ve got more dedicated as the years pass and now have my own studio for training clients. My commitment, energy and enthusiasm is always recognised and I love being able to contribute to helping people on their path to good health and fitness.

I have a huge passion for helping my clients achieve their health and fitness goals and maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle. I help to jump start their fitness whether they can benefit from just 1 session or continuous sessions depending on their fitness needs. I work with a range of clients from fitness experts to basic beginners and adapt each session to suit their individual needs.  All sessions are tailored and personalised to make sure that my clients are getting maximum benefit from their sessions. I help to boost confidence through maintaining a balanced healthy diet and exercise.

Free Consultation

As personalisation within workouts is so important to us we offer a free initial consultation to all of our clients. This allows us to discuss your goals and ensure your plan is tailored to suit you requirements. The consultation can be carried out in the studio, on zoom or we can come to you.

Personal Training

Our unique personal training sessions can be carried out in our studio, virtually or in your own home.


Our fully equipped studio can be used for personal training, self workouts and programmed workouts. 

Outdoor Yoga

We provide fast flowing yoga and fitness sessions for individuals of all abilities to enjoy.


See what our clients say

“Amy is nothing short of magical. From my first session I knew I made the right choice choosing Amy as my coach. She is so patient, kind and exceptionally skilled. Her way of teaching is a perfect balance between nurturing and pushing me to be my best. This made me feel so comfortable yet motivated and now I’m so ready to embrace a new, fitter me. Having these sessions 1-2-1 has been exactly what I need to encourage me to stay on track and making time for them around my hectic work schedule is now an essential part of my week. Amy, thank you for everything.”

Lolli Lester, London

“I hit 40 and suddenly realized; I’m huge and nearly half through a life. I want the next half to be healthier in body and mind.. I am lucky enough to work with Amy, so I knew how committed she is to fitness but also how infectious her energy is; and I knew that’s what I needed. I asked Amy to arrange for me 40-45 mins exercise classes. Amy understood my limitations and goals for myself. Amy was able to tailor a class that was suitable for my needs. I knew it needed to be fun and something I could sustain. Amy created routines and put them to music which I love and which motivates me. This has been a fundamental reason why I’ve been able to achieve a 10 week streak where with in that time, with healthier choices; I’ve lost nearly 2 stone in weight. My journey has only just begun, I’ve got a long way to go; but I know that I’m supported by Amy, who want me to do well.”

Leah Roehling

“Amy’s yoga sessions are amazing, highly recommended a good chill out session and a good boogie to shake off stress & strains and get loose!”


“Ruby as a teen was falling into the typical teenage poor diet, little exercise. Amy has worked wonders with Ruby and it’s given her a real focus on her fitness levels as well as guiding her with nutritional aspects too. Ruby enjoys the yoga element and it helps massively with Ruby’s mindset. Amy has helped to instil a healthy mindset with Ruby which I know she will take into adult life with her. It’s been a great journey for Ruby so far and I am confident with Amy’s help she will continue to focus on a healthy lifestyle with continued exercise and a healthy nutritional diet.”

Siobahan Foster, Ruby’s Mum

Ready to get started?

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